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Hi, I am Ksenia! 

I am happy to share my story. I'm a wife and mother. I had a pretty solid carrier as a graphic designer and photography was just one of my hobbies, until my little boy was born. Since then, my universe has changed forever. I started capturing every single breath, little fingers, lashes... 
And I found these images so precious and priceless, that probably, in case of a fire, the first thing, I will think about, will be my kids photo-albums.

So... guess what, I came to conclusion, that the MOST important thing I can do for other people, is capturing the family stories to help them keep the moments, that will WOW their hearts tomorrow. 

I believe that there is nothing more important than your family. ​And I am really happy when I can provide you with warm, emotional, full of life images, that suites your style and show your unique family connection. 

I am ready to serve you and create the art your family deserves. 

Excited to hear from you!

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